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 tanks/healers wanted

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PostSubject: tanks/healers wanted   Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:44 pm

I'm going to borrow this from what Ael posted in the other forum and add it here:

"...However it has come to my attention through my many heroic runs that finding a tank is quite possibly the most difficult task WoW has ever created. When Aitran/Kronak are not online, it takes a good hour or two to even coax a tank into joining a group...only because I've done the milkshake. I think Infernal members should really contemplate rounding out their characters with a good solid dps character, and a solid healer or tank character, as suggested by Nedda. I'm hoping to level Morpus up to 70, and as a discipline priest he can heal and dps to fill the role needed. Just some food for thought...


Right now with Chaoskoz awol, I'm 100% of the 2 tanks we have in Infernal. Turrets is out there somewhere, sorry if I'm not including you!

I think what Ael is suggesting is a good idea. If anyone has a character that you're playing and could tank, we need you! If anyone has an alt they're leveling or considering leveling, consider playing a tank/healer, because we need you!

If anyone's running an instance with a pug group and the players are reasonably competent, ask if they'd be interesting in joining a pvp/pre-Kara guild. Especially if it's a tank or healer, because we need them!

If anyone needs any advice or gear lists for a feral druid or prot paladin please (e)mail or pst me in game.

The funny thing about what Ael said is, I never have this problem being a tank and all. I'm pretty much always on with one healer or another with Aitran or Kronak. And picking up 3 dps pugs is the easiest thing you can do, because I mean come on, everyone specs for dps.

So there are certain advantages to being a tank.
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tanks/healers wanted
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